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Nature’s Laws of Harmony for Chernobyl

Successful Application in the Treatment of Victims of the Nuclear Catastrophe

Children from Belarus have been particularly badly affected by the nuュclear disaster in Chernobyl:

600 000 children there have been contaminated with radiation. As children's immune system is not fully developed, they are far worse affected by the radioactive pollution than adults.

This is evident, not least in the shocking increase in the number of children suffering from cancer in Belarus.

According to doctors, one of the most important ways of helping the children lies in reinforcing their own regenerative powers. Medical studies have shown that Medical Resonance Therapy Music® is very effective in bringing such a reinforcement about.

Together with the foundation ‘The Children of Chernobyl’ and the publishers Aar Edition, the classical composer Peter H・ner has started up a campaign to make Medical Resonance Therapy Music® and the therapy equipment that goes with it available to as many children as possible.

Medical Resonance Therapy Music® - Doctors & Patients

Personal Experiences of Children and Medical Doctors Dear Mr. Huebner

We, the parents of mobility impaired children in the nursery for children with cerebral paresis in Minsk, would like to thank you for what you have done for our children.
My son Pawel listens to your music all the time. When the music is used medically, he listens attentively and waits eagerly for the next opportunity to hear it again. Personal Experiences of Children and Medical Doctors At the moment it is difficult to say whether this music has a healing effect on his disability, but the child has become more attentive and calmer. His memory has improved. It is a pity that one can only hear this music at the nursery. We would really like to have this possibility at home. Many thanks to you for everything.

N. Scheremeta

Personal Experiences of Children and Medical Doctors Dear Mr. Huebner!

When I listen to this music it feels light and nice around my heart, as if I were in the middle of a sweet dream.
When I get home after school, I would listen to this music day and night. Then I could go to school with renewed energy.
When I listen to this music, I get new energy as if I were reborn.

Lena Skurat
(a 12-year-old girl)

Dear Mr. Huebner!

Your music has made a great impression on me. It helps me switch off from the outside world and think about an alien world, unknown to me during everyday life. I am not staying long in this hospital but I would like to also hear this music even when I am no longer in hospital.

Marina Kudinowa
(a 10-year-old girl)

Dear Mr. Huebner!

My name is Natalja Gribowskaya. I was admitted to hospital with high blood pressure. My doctor prescribed me Medical Resonance Therapy Music®.
For this treatment I listen to music which is created by you. Afterwards my condition improves, my blood pressure goes down and my head no longer aches. I am very grateful to you because, with the help of your music, my life has become normal.

Yours sincerely

Natalja Gribowskaya
(a 12-year-old girl)

Personal Experiences of Children and Medical Doctors Dear Mr. Huebner!

When I listen to this music, I always calm down and relax. After I had listened to it several times, my blood pressure stabilized. This music is better for me than tablets. It would give me great pleasure to listen to this music every day at home.

(an 11-year-old boy)

Personal Experiences of Children and Medical Doctors Dear Mr. Hübner!

I am expecting a baby and enjoy listening to your music in a course for psychological relaxation during pregnancy (- the problem for me though, is the long journey to the course and the fact that I do not feel well when travelling by public transport).

When I listen to your music, I am overcome by a sensation of switching off from the outside world, and the music appears to me like some kind of unworldly music of the future, of the cosmos. Fantastic pictures form one after the other before my eyes: green plains, blue sea, and sparkling stars. I have a constant feeling of flying, of gliding slowly over the earth. The music is relaxing, placatory and stimulates beautiful thoughts. When listening to some pieces, I feel mild, pleasant excitement and simultaneously the gentle movements of the child within me. I would love to hear this music more often.

Elena Charlamowa