Digital Pharmaceutics:
Nature’s Laws of Harmony for Chernobyl

Successful Application in the Treatment of Victims of the Nuclear Catastrophe

Children from Belarus have been particularly badly affected by the nuュclear disaster in Chernobyl:

600 000 children there have been contaminated with radiation. As children's immune system is not fully developed, they are far worse affected by the radioactive pollution than adults.

This is evident, not least in the shocking increase in the number of children suffering from cancer in Belarus.

According to doctors, one of the most important ways of helping the children lies in reinforcing their own regenerative powers. Medical studies have shown that Medical Resonance Therapy Music® is very effective in bringing such a reinforcement about.

Together with the foundation ‘The Children of Chernobyl’ and the publishers Aar Edition, the classical composer Peter H・ner has started up a campaign to make Medical Resonance Therapy Music® and the therapy equipment that goes with it available to as many children as possible.

Spontaneous Subjective Comments from Researchers

Prof. Dr. habil. G. Gerassimowitsch
President of the Belorussian Russian Society
for Gynaecology and Obstetrics and Head of
the Department for Gynaecology and Obstetrics
at the Medical University in Minsk

“Medical Resonance Therapy Music®
brings life into reality.”

Prof. Dr. med. Walentina Sidorenko
Lecturer in Gynaecology at the Medical University in Minsk
and doctor in the gynaecology unit at the hospital in Minsk

“Medical Resonance Therapy Music®
does not only help to cure the
soul of man
but also his body.”

Dr. Tatjana Teterkina
Doctor in the neurosurgery laboratory
at the Medical University in Minsk

“From the harmony of man
to the harmony of life.”

Dr. Elena Merkulowa
Ear, nose and throat specialist,
lecturer at the Medical University in Minsk

“Once such a music sounds within us
and around us
one can also hope for a better future
for our children too.”

Dr. Swetlana Scheleg
Doctor in the delivery unit
at the hospital in Minsk

“For me Peter Hübner’s music mirrors
the richness of human thought
and the beauty of nature.”